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          Dinner Meeting, Wednesday Evenings 7:00 PM

 at the Community Church Hall Bonner and Center Streets, Cedarville, CA

For Information Call Sandy 530-640-2007

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Midwinter BBQ

Begin Ticket Sales for Rifle & Rug Raffle


Foundation Dinner                              


Fly-In Breakfast                                  



 PO Box 461, Cedarville, CA 96104


Modoc District Fair Senior Lunch

Modoc District Fair Destruction Derby

Modoc District Fair Main Street Parade

Modoc District Fair Rifle Raffle


Quad Club Dinner


Music & Speech Contest, Scholarship Awards, FFA BBQ, Sports BBQ, Louieville,

Library., Surprise Valley Hospital.


 to benefit High School Students and the Community

When members should show up to help with our events

• Almost Spring Barbeque – February or March

 Friday before – meet 500 pm to set up room, etc.

 Saturday – 200 pm to start fire

 Saturday – 400 - 800 pm to cook, serve, and clean up

• Squirrel Wars – 3rd Saturday in March at Fairgrounds

 sell raffle tickets 500-700 pm

• Fort Bidwell Barbeque – Sunday before Memorial Day

sell raffle tickets

1100 am - 200 pm

• move buggies out of front of the buggy barn Wednesday before SuperBull  - 500 pm to ~600 pm

• SuperBull – Saturday in late June

sell raffle tickets

430 pm – 630 pm

• Fly-In – Sunday in mid July

 Saturday 500 pm – 630 pm – clean out hangers & move tables

 Sunday 600 am – ~1230 pm – cook, clean up & return tables

• Cedarville Art Show – last Saturday in July

 sell rug raffle tickets – 900 am – 300 pm

 • Eagleville Barbeque – last Saturday in July

 Sell raffle tickets – 600 pm – 900 pm (set up 600; sell 700-900)

• Modoc District Fair – Thursday - Sunday in late August

• sell raffle tickets daily


Friday & Saturday:


 • move buggies from buggy barn and return

Wednesday evening before fair after meeting – move buggies to fairgrounds

  Thursday – wash down buggies

  Saturday following fair – return buggies to barn

 • Senior Lunch – cook & serve

  Saturday 1000 am – 1200 N

 • Destruction Derby – judge the event

  Saturday 500 pm-whenever

 • Parade – organize the event & present ribbons, etc.


 • Raffle Drawing


2010 Club Photo

2011 Photo

2012 district Speach and Music Contest

Regional Winner

Matt Sims

Reginald Winner

Jack Gerner

Local Winner

Page Green

2017 Club Photo

Cooking for You